Client: General Services Administration

Location: Washington, DC

Job Description: Replace Fire Pump

performed the design of the replacement fire pump for the Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) main headquarters building, the J. Edgar Hoover Building in Washington DC. The various challenges of this project involved the determination of the most appropriate and necessary pumping arrangement, the physical constraints of the pump room and the hydraulic analysis of existing sprinkler system to ensure that a one-for-one replacement was appropriate.

While the project scope varied from possible redundant pumps to a single one-for-one replacement, Cherokee developed the fire protection design drawings and specifications. Furthermore, Cherokee performed a hydraulic analysis of the building's existing sprinkler systems to verify that the one-for-one replacement of the fire pump would adequately supply the sprinkler design. This analysis involved translating the District of Columbia (DC) provided water supply data, through existing bulk main piping to and through the candidate fire pump to the highest, most remote sprinkler system in the building. This approach required approval by FBI staff as the new fire pump will not meet the demand requirement of existing standpipe system, and reliance will be placed on the DC Fire Department to meet that demand.

The physical location of the fire pump further required FBI approval due to the confined location and not being able to fully comply with National Fire Protection Association's Standard No. 20 (NFPA 20), Standard for the Installation of Fire Pumps, for piping arrangement.


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