Client: AMTRAK

Location: Northeast Corridor and Chicago, IL

Job Description: Fire Protection and Site Security Assessments and Basis of Design and Construction Documentation

has surveyed and assessed several passenger terminals and train yards in order to determine the condition of existing fire protection and security features. These tasks have entailed the identification of numerous safety, security, fire and life safety deficiencies with respect to industry and Governmental practices for fire and security programs.

Once identified, Cherokee proposed solutions in order to ensure the safety of personnel, property, and most importantly, the passengers. These solutions were then documented in a preliminary design package (Basis of Design and Construction) estimated and submitted to AMTRAK for further development as means become available.

One such assessment initiated a study of rail tunnel fire detection system technology for consideration in the East and Hudson Rivers in New York, NY. Upon researching pneumatic, linear and fiber optic based detection systems, it was determined that the harsh environment and physical abuse would ultimately render these systems inoperable. Additionally, new fire alarm and communications systems have been specified and estimated for consolidation of emergency response personnel and railroad organizations at the Pennsylvania Station in Manhattan, New York.

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