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Contract No: GS-10F-001BA
871-7 Construction Management

Customer agencies shall utilize construction and project managers as its principal agent to advise on or manage the process over the project regardless of the project delivery method used. The Construction Manager assumes the position of professional adviser or extension of staff to the customer agency. The Construction Manager frequently helps the customer agency identify which delivery method is the best for the project. The construction management approach utilizes a firm (or team of firms) with construction, design and management expertise to temporarily expand the customer agency's capabilities, so that they can successfully accomplish their program or project. The Construction Manager also provides expert advice in support of the customer agency's decisions in the implementation of the project. PES does not include architect-engineer services as defined in the Brooks Act and FAR Part 2. PES does not include design or construction services as defined in the Federal Acquisition Regulation Part 36 and Part 2. PES does not include Davis-Bacon Act work as described in Federal Acquisition Regulation Subpart 22.4.

The following Fire Protection Engineering Services allowed under 871-7 Construction Management may include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Design review services
  • Shop drawing and submittal reviews
  • Inspection and testing services
  • Performing inspection and witnessing acceptance testing of fire protection and life safety systems
  • Construction inspection services
  • Fire and smoke modeling and analysis services
  • Loss investigation services
  • Technical consultant services
  • Conducting fire protection facility surveys
  • Developing risk reduction strategies
  • Maintenance program for fire protection and life safety systems
  • Developing and completing fire safety evaluation worksheets

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